Holiday Release
8000 word short Romance-Erotica
"From the pool to the bathroom, the action that followed was hot and even kind of unusual in one regard, with a very specific kink involved that came as a bit of an erotic surprise for me."
Surprising her boyfriend for his birthday did not work out quite how Jasmine had planned. Broken hearted and feeling lost, her best friend convinces her to spend the weekend at a gorgeous hotel for some serious pampering. . . only her best friend is a guy who wants to do more than braid her hair and paint her nails.
WARNING: Contains sex scenes and a water-sports scene
One Way Ticket
12240 word short Erotica
"Having your weekend at the family retreat being turned upside down by a sexy young cousin makes for a great way to get yourself a One Way Ticket to a lot of XXX mischief"
Manipulative, Unpredictable, and Forbidden
Invited for a relaxing weekend out to the family country house, Robbie is shocked to find his old friend is now a hardcore hottie that slips him a bit of tongue on their welcome kiss and doesn't seem to be wearing any panties to boot!
He's even more blown away when she's determined to push his hand up her skirt at the meal table and demands foreplay in the backyard. Reeled in and locked in on a one way ticket to experiencing the rush of hot young sexual desire, Robbie is forced to enjoy the shameless beauty before they get caught!
WARNING: Contains explicit sex scenes and legal psuedo-incest
Some kind of Freak
6300 word short Erotica
When Tom's room mate brings home his shy beautiful girlfriend for the first time, Tom can't help falling for her. He's bound and determined to convince her he's the one to unlock her sexual awareness. "Some kind of Freak" is the first part of Tom's discovery that sometimes you can end up with a lot more than you bargained for.
WARNING: Contains explicit sex scenes and forced-submission
Worth her Weight in Gold
8000 word short Romance-Erotica
"This bit of erotic romance by Ms. Swan is like torturous foreplay; you want the characters to get there, but Ms. Swan teases and tempts, leaving you on the edge of your seat, anxious and ready."
She needs a baby. He needs money. After being threatened with an arranged married by her parents, Aurora decides to make a loveless match with her childhood friend. Short on money Rafe agrees to a temporary marriage with the beguiling young lady. But he had no way of knowing that the wife who chose him could turn out to be far more rewarding than gold.
WARNING: Contains sex scenes
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